Hey everyone! How are you?

I was searching on Cydia the other day and found a very nice theme that I thought I would share with you! The theme is called Patel 8. The theme is developed by @jakestefffen over on Twitter! I am very happy to say that he was very kind and gifted me his theme so I could review. Pastel 8 themes a lot of icons. More than 95 to be exact and that does include alternate icons! Pastel 8 not only themes your icons but, it will theme the status bar and your control center! Pastel 8 will cost you $1.50 from Cydia.
Here are some images of Pastel 8:
2015-03-25 13.07.17

2015-03-25 13.07.17

2015-03-25 13.07.20

2015-03-25 13.07.25

2015-03-25 13.09.01

I hope you all enjoy Pastel 8! The developer has said, that ColorBadges works great with his theme and will make it look better! Let me know if you download it by tweeting me! You can find me on Twitter by clicking here. You can also find Jake on Twitter by clicking here.