Hello everyone! How are you?

I was searching on Cydia the other day looking for a new theme and I believe I found the best theme I have personally found in a long time. The theme is called Flat6. Flat6 is made by CPVideoMaker. He can be found by clicking here. Flat6, themes the icons in a way that make them look appealing to the eye. All the icons, are flat and elegant. There are about 130 icons themed right now but, I have talked to CPVideoMaker and the next version is said to include over 200 icons! He has also told me, that he is taking icon request. His email for icon request is, fonz@dingo.red
Take note, for the full theme to work, you will need to install iconbundles from Cydia as well. Also, Flat6 is free in Cydia!
Here are some images of the theme:




CPVideoMaker has said, that is is better to use ColorBadges along with this theme! After testing, I do agree!
I hope you all enjoyed this theme! Let me know if you’re going to download it by tweeting me! My Twitter can be found by clicking here. Have a fantastic day everyone!

Here is the wallpaper I use: