Hello everyone! How are you?

Last week, I hosted what I like to call Jailbreak Week. Jailbreak Week went so well for me, I decided I would do another Jailbreak post today! Today, I would like to tell you about the tweaks that I use daily. I only use a certain select few but, they are what allow me to be productive throughout my day. The first tweak I use on the daily is, LittleBrother. LittleBrother allows me to have the iPhone 6 resolution on my iPhone 5. LittleBrother helps me because, I am able to fit more icons on my homescreen allowing me, to have more apps that I need on the first page. Normally, I would only be able to get five rows of icons but with LittleBrother, I am able to get six rows!
Here is an image of the settings for LittleBrother:

The next tweak I use daily is called TinyBar. TinyBar, allows the notifications that come in on my iPhone to only take up the status bar. This tweak helps me because, I am able to still see everything on my screen when a notification comes in on my iPhone. TinyBar can be found by adding repo.alexzielenski.com to your Cydia sources!
Here is on image of the TinyBar settings:

Here is an image of a TinyBar notification. (Look in the status bar)

The last and final tweak I use daily is a tweak called Bloard. Bloard allows me to have a dark keyboard all throughout my iPhone. The reason Bloard helps me is because, personally, I think it looks better then the white iOS keyboard and because, it is better on my eyes at night!
Here are a few images of the Bloard settings and pictures of the keyboard:

So, those are the tweaks I use daily! Let me know what tweaks you use by commenting down below or, tweeting me! You can find me on Twitter by clicking here! Thanks everyone! Have a good day!