Hello everyone! How are you?

This weekend, I went on my weekly search for wallpapers. I had checked Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, all the popular wallpapers sites and did not really find any to spark my interest. I then, turned to iPhone and opened up the AR7 app. I noticed a few new wallpapers had been posted so, I decided to check them out! I really liked them so, I decided I would share them all with you! These wallpapers are gorgeously designed and can all be found on the AR7 app which can be downloaded by clicking here.
Here are the wallpapers:



All of these wallpapers look amazing on the lockscreen and homescreen of your iOS device! Make sure to let me know if you use these wallpapers by commenting down below! Also, you can tweet me! My username over on Twitter is @iTryTechBlog
Have a good weekend everyone!