Hello everyone! How are you?

Yesterday, I told you about my top five jailbreak tweaks. Well today, I would like to tell you about my top three jailbreak themes. To install these themes, you will need need to be jailbroken, then go into Cydia and download WinterBoard after that, you are all set! I would also like to state, these are in particular order.

First up on the list is Ayeris. Ayeris is a theme designed by a well known designed named Surenix.  Ayeris looks very good on any iPhone! It comes with a bunch of already pre-themed icons but, you can always request more! Ayeris also comes with beautifully designed wallpapers! You can find out more information on Ayeris, by clicking here.

Next up on the list is a theme called Gunni-8. Gunni-8 is an absolutely beautiful designed theme. It was designed by a man named DjeTouch. You can find him over on Twitter by clicking here. Gunni-8 comes preinstalled with multiple beautiful icons and also comes with some beautifully designed wallpapers. To find more information about Gunni-8, click here.

The final theme I would like to talk about is Hue. Hue is currently in development. It is being designed by a good friend of mine named Jon. He is constantly working on the theme. We are not sure on pricing yet but I do know it will come with multiple icons themed beautifully and a few beautifully designed wallpapers. To find out more information on Hue, click here.

I hope you all are enjoying Jailbreak week! I also hope you enjoyed all these amazing themes! Have a good day everyone!