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So, you decided to jailbreak your iOS device. The question now is, “What should I do now that I have jailbroken?” The answer is, go to Cydia! Cydia is the store that will allow you to install the tweaks and themes that I talk about here. The first application that you need to install if you are mainly focused around themes is, an application around WinterBoard. Some more information about WinterBoard, can be found by clicking here. What you need to do is, open Cydia, click sources, click all sources, and then scroll down to where you can see themes. In those folders, will allow you to access all the themes that Cydia allows.
If you are mainly focused on tweaks, you need open Cydia, click sources, and then click all sources. There, you will be able to see all the categories that are available for tweaking your jailbroken device.
When you install tweaks, you will more then likely get a settings panel in the settings application on your device. From the settings of the tweak, you will able to change stuff around inside the tweak.

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