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It seems like one of the frequently asked question with someone who owns an iPhone is, “Should I jailbreak my iOS device?” Well, the answer is simple. Ask yourself this, “Do you want to be able to customize your device how you want it? If you answered yes to the question then yes, you should jailbreak your iOS device. The method to doing so is very simple. I recommend looking up how to jailbreak your iPhone on YouTube as there are multiple videos on how to do so.
Jailbreaking can take your iOS device to all new limits. The number one reason most people jailbreak are to install tweaks and themes. A tweak is something that will allow you to do something Apple normally would not. A theme is something to changes your icons and some of the user interface to look completely different.
When you jailbreak, you will get a new icon on your device. This new icon is called Cydia. When you open Cydia for the first time, it will prepare the filesystem on your device. The second time you open Cydia, you will be able to explore all the tweaks and themes available on the stock repos. Many developers submit their tweaks to these stock repos but, some have their own repo.
I believe the main reason many people do not jailbreak is, they believe it is either illegal or it will hurt their iOS device. Well, it is not illegal but, it will void your warranty with Apple. The best thing to do, is restore your iOS device before working with Apple if you ever have a problem. A restore when jailbroken will remove the jailbreak completely. Also, jailbreaking is not illegal.
So, will you jailbreak your iOS device? Have you already jailbroken your iOS device? Let me know by tweeting me over on Twitter! My username is @iTryTechBlog

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