Hello everyone! How are you?

Recently, I told you all that TechArmor would be sending me some products for review! I am very glad I have received all the products and tested them all! I feel like I have used them long enough to review them all!
The first product I would like to review is their 3000mAh battery pack. The battery pack is absolutely wonderful! It allows me to charge my iPhone to a full 100% and then to another 50% The battery pack is lightweight and compact! I usually carry the battery pack around with me when I am at school.
The next thing TechArmor sent me was their lightning cable. The lightning cable is also an amazing product! The cable is very nice in design and is also very well made. I usually use the cable when I am using their 3000mAh battery pack!
The final product TechArmor sent me was their iPhone 5/5s privacy screen protector. The privacy screen protector works excellent. I tested it by sitting in a chair and having one of my friends stand in different spots to see if they could see my screen! The result was, they could only see my screen if they were standing right behind me. The screen protector, has great quality and does not distort the image of the screen.
You can find all the products I have talked about over on TechArmor’s website which can be found by clicking here.
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You can also Find TechArmor on Instagram! Their username is @TA_techarmor
Here is an image of the products TechArmor sent:

I hope you all enjoyed the review! I would like to thank TechArmor for sending out these products for review! Have a good day everyone!