Hello everyone! How are you?

As you know, Apple had their March 9th Spring Forward event today! At the event, we say AppleTV updates, AppleWatch updates, updates in the Kits Apple provides along with a brand new kit called ResearchKit, and a new MacBook.
My overall thoughts of the event are, the event was great! All the videos and demos were excellent! I like how Apple opened the event with an update on its Chinese store’s!
The new ResearchKit is amazing! I think Apple is doing a great thing in trying to help medical research!
The AppleWatch is an incredible device. Yes, the price points are a little steep but you can not complain. The AppleWatch is one of Apples most innovative products.
The new MacBook is absolutely stunning! I can not wait to go into an Apple store and try one! I like how they eliminated it down to have one port.

I hope you all enjoyed the coverage I had of the event today! Thank you to everyone who came out and read the articles! I will continue to have coverage on tech products! If you missed anything from the event today, be sure to check out the site for all the news!
Have a wonderful night everyone!