Hello everyone! How are you?

Tim Cook is currently on the stage talking about the Apple Watch!

He has just announced that the new AppleWatch will has a feature called glances. The watch will allow you to swipe up to check stuff like weather.
The new AppleWatch will also have a microphone and speaker so you can receive and talk to people when on the phone.
The new AppleWatch will also allow you to read your emails!
The new AppleWatch will also allow you to connect AppleWatch to AppleWatch.
The AppleWatch will also allow you to send your heartbeat to another user.
The AppleWatch will also have some advancements within the health ecosystem. It will tell you if you have been sitting to long and will also send you a weekly report on how you did the previous week in your health.
The new AppleWatch also has a new work out app.
Apple has allowed Christie Burlington to test the AppleWatch
Apple will allow you to follow Christie’s training over on their website
Apple will allow you to interact with Siri on the Watch
Apple says that any notification you get on your phone, you will get it on the AppleWatch
Here is a picture of some features with the watch:

You can also say “Hey Siri” to invoke Siri on the AppleWatch
You will be able to reply from your AppleWatch with certain apps with presets inside the app!
The AppleWatch will include ApplePay
The AppleWatch has Instagram support. (featured in demo at the event)
AppleWatch will connect to your iPhone over BlueTooth and WiFi
AppleWatch will allow you to use your watch to get into your hotel room!
AppleWatch will work with Shazam!
AppleWatch will work with Alarm.com