Hello everyone! How are you?

Apple is currently at their Spring Forward event and the products just keep coming!
Apple has just announced a new MacBook and it will come in three new colors! The new color’s will be, Gold, Space Gray, and Silver! The MacBook will have a 12 inch screen!
The new MacBook will weigh just 2 pounds! At the new MacBook’s thickest point, it will be just 13.1mm thick!
The new MacBook will be an all metal inclosure!
Apple has also announced that the new MacBook will have an all new keyboard!
The new MacBook will also have a retina display with 2304×1440!
Apple has also announced that their new trackpad will be what they call, a Force Touch Trackpad! The new trackpad will also have awesome feedback as Apple is saying!
The new MacBook has a new unibody structure!
The new MacBook will the first MacBook to have no fans!
The new MacBook can max out at 2.9GHz
The new MacBook will have six batteries!
The new MacBook will have all day battery life!
One connector on the MacBook will support VGA, USB, HDMI, and charging all in one port. They are calling it USB C
Apple also says the new MacBook is the world’s most efficient MacBook!
The new MacBook will go on sale starting at $1299
The new MacBook will begin to ship on April 10!

Here is an image of the all new MacBook:

Here is an image of Force Click:


Here is an image of the new Unibody design:


Here is a picture of the battery life: