Hello everyone! How are you?

Lately, my MacBook Air, has been dying when I use it on trips, or when I am at practice for drama club. This was a bad problem for me as there are not any outlets, where I need them most. So, what I did was, I reached out to a company called OXAUSA and asked them if they would send me out their portable MacBook charger for review. I was very happy when they said and I am glad to say that I have received the portable charger. Over the past week, I have been using the portable charger and it is working great! The charger allows me to charge my Mac whenever and wherever I need! The charger, can charge my Mac up to 100% about three times before needing to be charged again!
OXAUSA is not currently selling the charger but I will be sure to let you all know if they do go on sale!

Have a good day everyone! Hope you enjoyed the article!