Hello everyone! How are you?

What is your favorite screen size? 4 inches? 4.7 inches? 5 inches? 5.5 inches? Anyways, whichever you choose probably a lot of other people may of chose that. It seems to me that 4.7 inches is the perfect screen size for most people. Personally, I am a fan of bigger screen sizes. My “sweet spot” would have to be 5 inches. I have regular sized hands but, I just like the bigger screen. It seems that I am able to use my phone better when I have a bigger phone. My current iPhone 5 has a 4 inch screen which, is fine with me. It works great for me and I am able to use it very comfortably!
So, let me know down in the comments below what your favorite screen size it!

Have a good weekend everyone! Articles will return on Monday!