Hello everyone! How are you?

Do you game? If so, what do you game on? Do you game on a tablet? Smartphone? PC? Gaming console? Personally, I am not a big gamer. I do own the Xbox 360 and a few games but honestly, I never find myself playing it. I will sometimes play it if some friends/family are over but other then that I find it just sitting on the shelf. On my iPhone, I only play one game. That one game is, NFL Pro 2014. The only reason I play this game on my phone is because my friends and I always have competitions to see who can score the highest or win the most games. I do like gaming on the iPhone. The iPhone 5 I own runs great when playing the game and the battery life is not affected majorly.
So, do you play are you into gaming? Let me know down in the comments!

Have a great day everyone!