Hello everyone. How are you?

What headphones do you use? Do you even use headphones? Personally, when I am sitting at my computer I use the Apple EarPods. The EarPods are great in hear headphones. They block out just the right amount of sound and give the perfect sound quality for what I need. The EarPods work great with my Windows PC, MacBook Air, and iPhone. The EarPods where introduced with the iPhone 5 making them three years old. Over the course of three years, I have only had to replace my EarPods once and that was because, I had went to pick them up off the floor when I dropped them and had accidentally stepped on the cord causing them to tear. The EarPods come in two different options. One option is with the in line microphone with volume controls and the other option does not have the microphone and volume controls. You can get a pair of EarPods from Apple’s website for $29.00 by clicking here.

Have a good day everyone!