Hey everyone! How are you?

Do you ever feel like you have so much to do? Do you ever feel like you have no time? Well guess what? I am currently in one of those situations. Right now, I have a lot of test coming up in school and, we are getting a lot of school work to do. But, over the years, I have learned that everything will be fine! Let me tell you how I am going to overcome this! Every year it seems like I get overwhelmed at least once or twice. Well, every time this happens a little app icon always makes its way onto my phone. The app I am talking abut is Clear. Clear is a to-do list manager. Clear can help me in so many ways. It allows to enter what all I need to do and organize it in a very nice manner. Clear will also allow me to set reminders for that specific thing I need to do. So, if you ever feel like you just have to so much to do, try out Clear.

Clear can be found here.

Have a good day everyone!
This article was a little rant/background story/app review!