Hello everyone! How are you?
Do you have a favorite iPhone accessory? Do you prefer no accessories at all? Well, I am going to be telling you about a few of my favorite. Starting off, I would like to talk about the Mophie Helium case for my iPhone 5. The Mophie case is able to get me through my entire day plus the next. I love how if I am going somewhere for the weekend, I never have to worry whether or not I am going to have a charger. My next favorite accessory is a tempered glass screen protector from TechArmor. The screen protector works just great with my Mophie case. The screen protector fits my iPhone perfect. The final accessory I would like to talk about is the OXAUSA dock. The dock works great with my Mophie case! All the links to the products can be found down below! Have a great day everyone!

Mophie Case
Screen Protector

The OXAUSA dock is actually not able to be purchased right now. I will update this article if I find a place to buy the dock!