Hello everyone! How are you?

As you all may know, I recently ordered a new iPhone screen for my iPhone 5! Well today, it has been replaced. My computer teacher was actually the one who helped me replace it. The screen did take a while to get here but that is okay. The only issue I have encountered is a dead pixel. As I am typing this article, I am running a dead pixel fix that I found on the Internet! I am hoping it works. The iPhone screen came with a full assembly meaning I did not have to transfer anything over from the old screen to the new screen. The problem I had with my old screen was, the glass was separating from the frame. With the new screen, I am not longer having to worry if the glass is going to pop out. I also do not have to hate the way the display looks because of light “bleeding” out due to the glass not being flush.

If you want, you can click here to go and look at the exact screen I purchased!