Hello everyone! How are you?

As you all may or may not know, I recently sold my Nexus 5. Well, looking back on it I sorta wished I didn’t. I actually like Android a lot. I like the customization aspect of it. My current favorite Android phone would have to be the OnePlus One. The OPO has the best battery life I have ever used in a phone and, has a really good camera. I did own a OnePlus One but sold it due to the many issues it was having. I enjoyed all the customization I had with it though when it was not having the issues. Android has truly come a long way. The current Android version 5.0 is Android’s biggest step into something new. The new visual design in my opinion, is absolutely amazing. The new “material design” is a major step for Android. But, it is the correct way to go.

So, my goal is get another OnePlus One by the summer. I think if I were able to get another OnePlus One I would be able to publish better content in picture and the blogging category. With my iPhone and OnePlus One it would allow me to edit much better when I am away from a computer.

I hope you all had a nice day! Do you like Android? Have you owned an Android and now miss it? Tell me down in the comments below!