Hello everyone! How are you?

Think, without the iPhone, where would smartphone’s be at today? When Steve Jobs took the stage in 2007 to present the iPhone, it shocked the world. Apple reinvented the smartphone industry. Now think, every company, has pretty much followed in the foot-steps of Apple. The iPhone has literally, taken the mobile phone industry to the next level. Most people you see today, are carrying around a smartphone. Aren’t they? More than 75% of those people, are more then likely carrying around an iPhone.

What makes the iPhone so great? In my opinion, it is the software. iOS has come so far. Think, just 8 years ago there was no App Store. Now, there are more then 500 thousand apps that can be downloaded. The iPhone has come such a long way just in the software aspect. The hardware of the iPhone has also come a very long way. The iPhone screen size has seen four different iterations. The screen size’s are, 3.5″, 4″, 4.7″, 5.5″. That is a big thing for Apple in the hardware department.

The best thing about the iPhone? The best thing about the iPhone would have to be the camera. Apple has done such an amazing job in this aspect. The iPhone is voted by many, the best smartphone camera. The image processing is one of the best I personally have ever seen.

My personal favorite? My personal favorite thing about the iPhone would have to be the front facing camera. The front facing camera has allowed people to connect in ways no one would have ever thought of. When the iPhone 4 introduced the front facing camera, it also introduced FaceTime. FaceTime would allow people to connect in a face to face like setting. FaceTime has truly taken the iPhone to the next level.

Least favorite thing about the iPhone? My least favorite thing about the iPhone would have to be the battery life. The iPhone has never had the best battery life as many of you may know. The iPhone compared to other popular smartphones like the OnePlus One or the Samsung Galaxy Note 4 will get hammered by their battery life. When I owned the OnePlus One, I could go two days without having to charge the phone. Now, with my iPhone I am lucky if I get half a day of usage. Many heavy users of the iPhone will more then likely be carrying around a battery pack or case with them. I personally have both a Mophie Case and a 10,000 MAH battery pack that I carry around with me.

Overall, despite the many problems the iPhone has at times, it is still the best phone in many people’s opinions. The iPhone has come a long way. From 2007 to now, the iPhone has changed many people, in many different ways.

If you have an iPhone, let me know down in the comments below! Tell me what you like and dislike! Have a good day everyone!