Hello everyone! How are you?

Do you use a screen protector on your phone? If so, what kind? Just the regular every day piece of plastic or, a glass screen protector? If I use a screen protector, it always depends on what case I am using. I try to use the glass protector more then the plastic one because, the glass looks and feels great and, gives an outstanding amount of protection. There are times though when I can not use a glass screen protector simply because, my case will not allow it. Some cases have a big amount of “lay on the table design” and with that, the glass protector simply will not fit. In that situation, I have to use the regular plastic one. The regular plastic is fine with me as it is not very noticeable and will still give me scratch protection. Overall, if you are looking for a great screen protector whether glass or plastic, then head on over to Tech Armor’s website which can be found here.

I hope you all had a fantastic day! If you use a screen protector, tell me what kind down in the comments below!