Hello everyone! How are you?

As you all may know, yesterday I posted “How I use my Mac” I told you all that I use my Mac for school, media, and to write post for the website. Well today, I want to tell you all how I use my Windows Desktop. The way I use the desktop is, to write post for the site, catching up on YouTube, and for school stuff. I mainly use my Mac for school stuff but when I need to Google something quick I like to jump onto my Windows computer and do that. I also prefer using my Windows computer more for catching up on YouTube then I do my Mac because, of the bigger screen. My Windows computer has a 23 inch screen versus my MacBook Air only having an 11 inch screen. Another way I use my Windows computer is, to write post for the website. I normally will wake up in the morning, get ready, then start writing the post. I will then go to school, and finish writing with my Mac but when I get home, I prefer to make sure everything is spelled write and stuff on my Windows computer.

Well, do you have a Windows Desktop? If so, tell me how you use it down in the comments below!