Hello everyone! How are you?

Do you use cases on your iPhone? Do you use skins on your iPhone? Or, do you prefer your iPhone to be completely “naked?” For me, I prefer my iPhone to be naked but, since I am using my phone a lot during school and for soccer, I have to use a case. The case of my choice is the Mophie Juice Pack Helium. The case comes packed with a 1500 MAH battery. The case works perfect for me. I am able to get at least 80% battery life. My phone can go completely dead and I can flip on the case and be back to 80% within the matter of about an hour and a half. I mainly flip on the case when my phone gets anywhere from 10-20% and then turn the case off when my phone charges up to about 80-90%. Doing this will allow the case to have just a little juice left in it if I desperately need it later that day. You can get the Mophie Juice Pack Helium by clicking here for a price of $79.95

If you do end up picking up this case, tell me how you like it down in the comments below! I hope you all enjoyed this article! Have a nice day!