Hello everyone! How are you?

Recently, I got a new computer for Christmas and I could not be more happier! This article is going to tell you how I use my tech stuff each and every day!
The tech I have: iPhone 5, MacBook Air, HP Pavilion All-In-One 23 inch. The accessories I have are: iPhone 5 Mophie Juice Pack Helium, Two Logitech wireless mouses (One for my Mac, One for my HP), Two 10,000 MAH external battery packs, and a lot of miscellaneous items.

The way I use my Mac each day is for school work. At my school, we are required to take out MacBook’s with us each day. The way I use my iPhone each day is, to text, check the internet, Twitter, FaceBook, and different social apps. I also use my iPhone if I need to edit a post on-the-go. The way I use my HP computer is, to write post and to consume media. I like to use my HP to catch up on YouTube videos or just to sit back and watch Netflix.

Well, that is how I use my tech each day! Tell me what kind of tech you have and how you use it each down down in the comments below!