Hello everyone! How are you?

I would like to write this article to tell you a little bit about the tech I use in my everyday life! Starting out, I use the Nexus 5 as my daily driver! I use the Nexus because, I like all the customizations Android has to offer! I am currently running the Elix-R ROM with ElementalX kernel. With this ROM and kernel my Nexus 5 runs very smooth and gets me the all day battery life I need! Next up on my everyday tech list is the MacBook Air 11-inch model! My school actually, gave us these MacBook Air’s to do our school work! I use my Mac for school and for home use! Also on my tech list is a Windows Desktop computer that is in my computer room! I do not use this computer very often but when I do, I get the performance I need out of it! So to wrap things up, I use the Nexus 5, MacBook Air 11-inch, and a Windows 8 Desktop as my daily tech!

I hope you all enjoyed this article! Have a wonderful day!