Wallpaper Sunday. Part 165.

Hello everyone! How are you?

It is Sunday, and you all know what that means! This Sunday, we will be returning back to iPhoneXPapers for the wallpapers. They have been offering amazing wallpapers for quite some time, and we really enjoy featuring them here! Continue reading “Wallpaper Sunday. Part 165.”

My Wishlist: iOS 12

Hello everyone! How are you?

iOS 12 is just right around the corner, and I couldn’t be any more excited! I am always a huge fan of WWDC, and will be watching the live stream from my hotel room in NYC this year! I will of course have a live blog going that day with all the things that we see from Apple at WWDC this year! Continue reading “My Wishlist: iOS 12”

iOS 11.4 Beta 6

Hello everyone! How are you?

Apple has just released iOS 11.4 beta 6 to developers, and most likely will be releasing to public beta testers later today! iOS 11.4 is shaping up to be quite an amazing update, and I cannot wait for it to be released to the public!  Continue reading “iOS 11.4 Beta 6”

Instagram to Measure your Time Spent in app

Instagram confirmed that it is working on a feature that will tell you how much time you spent in their app. They are implementing this feature to promote a healthier digital living.

Instagram CEO Kevin Systrom wrote:

“It’s true. We’re building tools that will help the community know more about the time they spend on Instagram—any time should be positive and intentional.

Understanding how time online impacts people is important and it’s the responsibility of all companies to be honest about this. We want to be part of the solution.

I take that responsibility seriously.”

The app is also testing a sidebar within the app with access to features such as Usage Insights, Archive, and Saved.

What are your thoughts on this?

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DirecTV NOW launches Cloud DVR beta

DirecTV NOW after an extensive testing period is finally launching the public beta of its Cloud DVR and its free for everyone in the meantime! Continue reading “DirecTV NOW launches Cloud DVR beta”

Bonza Word Puzzle

If you’re a crossword enthusiast, Bonza Word Puzzle is an new type of crossword puzzle that’s addicting! Bonza Mike’s word search, jigsaw, and trivia to create the game. It’s a challenging game that really puts your brain to work!

In this game, there are puzzle packs with different themes. Each puzzle has a different theme which is the clue on what your trying to solve. For example, the first puzzle is “Fruit Salad” and you have to find different fruits.

There is also a tricky daily puzzle which can be pretty challenging as well. Your able to create your own puzzle also!

This game is free and I definitely recommend it. Check it out here.

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iOS 11.4 Beta 5

Hello everyone! How are you?

iOS 11.4 beta 5 has been released, and based off of the size of this beta, we are getting very close to the release of iOS 11.4! Continue reading “iOS 11.4 Beta 5”

Movies Diary – Get this App Now!

Movies Diary is an app that allows you to track TV shows and movies using This app allows you to actually watch current movies and TV shows from it for free!

On Movies Diary, you can

  • mark shows as watched
  • be notified of upcoming episodes
  • Search the leanest shows/trending movies
  • Keep a watchlist

Now this app does something no other app on the App Store allows. You can view streams of these movies and shows by clicking on the play button in the show summary.

Download it here! It may get removed from the App Store.

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Apple is partnering with Goldman Sachs to introduce ‘Apple Pay’ credit card

As soon as 2019, we could see an Apple Pay credit card come as a result of a partnership between Apple and Goldman Sachs. Continue reading “Apple is partnering with Goldman Sachs to introduce ‘Apple Pay’ credit card”

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