3 Cool Tech Deals (7/26-8/2)

Hello everyone! How are you? I’m back with 3 more cool tech deals for the week! Continue reading “3 Cool Tech Deals (7/26-8/2)”


High Sierra Developer Beta 4 Released

Hello! Yesterday afternoon Apple introduced the fourth developer beta of MacOS High Sierra to users. The update contains a lot of bug fixes with a few added features and changes. macOS High Sierra beta 4 is currently only available to registered developers for now. Apple typically holds new public beta versions for a few days. As of now, I’ve only seen a few visible changes in the update which I will list below and I’ll keep it updated if anything new comes up.

  • New Contacts app icon with a female silhouette
  • New Now Playing widget for Today view in Notification Center


Now PlayingContacts

For further details on the MacOS High Sierra update checkout my detailed article on it! It’s of details from Apples WWDC event. Please check back in each day for more tech updates from our team! We appreciate the support. That’s all I’ve got for today so have a wonderful day! Peace! ✌️

My New Favorite Wallpaper App

Hello everyone! How are you?

Recently, I started to look into other wallpaper websites, so I could get some more wallpapers featured on our “Wallpaper Sunday” series! While my search lead me to many websites, I found myself really liking a website called Unsplash. Unsplash has some amazing wallpapers, and all of them are for free! The website also offers the creators information which is really helpful for us when we decide to feature their wallpapers. What is also so great about Unsplash, is a new app that features all of the wallpapers called Papers 2Continue reading “My New Favorite Wallpaper App”

Apple Releases iOS 11 Beta 4 to Developers!

Hello everyone! How are you?
Apple has just pushed out the fourth beta of iOS 11 to developers. The public beta update will likely come in a few days. The update is just below 400 MB on my iPhone 7 Plus.
If there are any major changes or new features added, we’ll update below! Make sure to click the “Read More” tag to see the changes!  Continue reading “Apple Releases iOS 11 Beta 4 to Developers!”

Back to School deals from Apple!

Hello everyone! It maybe a little early for you but Apple already has some amazing deals for students heading back to school this fall! So let’s get right into it.Macbook Air

Apple is offering deal for college students and their parents for back to school this fall. Purchase any eligible Mac or iPad Pro and Apple will supply a pair of Beats wireless headphones free! You can also save more with Apple education pricing. Save up to $300 on any eligible Mac including the infamous Macbook, Macbook Air, Macbook Pro, iMac, Mac Pro, and the Mac mini. With this deal you can also trade in your current Mac and get up to $1500 in credit. You can also pickup a brand new iPad Pro and save $20. For more information click here!

As an additional deal for students, Apple Music is being offered for $4.99 a month.iPad Pro.png

I hope I could save you some money today! Thats all I’ve got for now, sorry! Have a wonderful day! For now, peace! 😎

Wallpaper Sunday. Part 122.

Hello everyone! How are you?

It is Sunday, and you all know what that means! This Sunday, I would like to return back to our good friends over at iPhone7Papers, but I would like to feature a beach theme type of wallpapers this Sunday due to me being on vacation! Make sure to click the "Read More" tag to see the wallpapers. Continue reading “Wallpaper Sunday. Part 122.”

Apple and their Accessories

Hello everyone! How are you?

The accessory market for the Apple ecosystem is outrageous! There are a plethora of companies that are making new accessories daily, and then there are some that stick to a specific category of accessories. While you have companies like Mophie, and Otterbox, you also have companies like Tech21 and Belkin, and Anker that are also making accessories, but then you have Apple that makes their first party accessories. So, which one works best for you, and which one does Apple need to beat? Continue reading “Apple and their Accessories”

Maxboost iPhone 7 Plus Screen Protector

Hello everyone! How are you? Maxboost sent me this product to review for my honest review. Continue reading “Maxboost iPhone 7 Plus Screen Protector”

APPL again was declared the most profitable company in the world

Hello! Today, Fortune has for the second consecutive year declared Apple the most profitable company in the world, despite coming in 9th overall in the Fortune Global 500. The company develops a global list, and it’s here that Apple came in 9th in the overall rankings but #1 in profitability.

The overall rankings are based on revenue (or total made), with Walmart taking the top slot.

The world’s 500 largest companies generated $27.7 trillion in revenues and $1.5 trillion in profits in 2016. Together, this year’s Fortune Global 500 companies employ 67 million people worldwide and are represented by 34 countries.

Walmart’s revenue was a little over $485 Billion, while Apple earned its 9th place with $215 Billion.

But when it comes to profits, it’s a different story. There, Walmart is placed in 17th place, with profits of $13.6 Billion, while Apple took first place with $45.7 Billion.

After more than a decade of solid growth fueled first by the iPod music player and then by the even more popular iPhone, Apple finally appeared to hit a wall, with lackluster sales “relatively speaking” for other products such as the iPad and Apple Watch and a heavy reliance on upgraded phone models. But the most profitable publicly traded company in the world is investing heavily in software and its efforts in new areas of opportunity, including automobiles, remain in development (and under wraps).

Apple retained its position despite its profits falling 14.4% year-on-year. It also topped Fortune’s list of the world’s most admired companies. Apple is the largest company in the world by market cap. In other words to sum it up, Apple is simply the most profitable company in the world. That’s all I got for today folks! A simple run down on Apples earnings in the stocks and where they are placed. For now, peace! ✌️

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